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Established in 2016, The Mosquito Militia® | Mid-Sota Wildlife Ops.® has swiftly emerged as a trusted ally for both residential and commercial clients looking to safeguard their spaces against unwelcome pests and wildlife. Our foundation is deeply rooted in over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. Not just content with mere pest treatment, our approach is distinctive. Our technicians are adept at discerning underlying issues that often go unnoticed, offering preventative solutions that have saved our patrons significant expenses in the long run. The essence of our commitment is reflected in our mission: to deliver high-quality control services at competitive prices using the latest techniques, ensuring unparalleled value.

Our founder, Jared, a two-time Army Combat Veteran, leads an illustrious team predominantly consisting of all veterans from different branches of the military. From Kelly’s proficiency as the Director of Legal and Financial Affairs to Reesie Rae’s expertise in client relations and Brian’s co-ownership of Mid-Sota Wildlife Ops.®, each member is united by a singular vision. This vision emphasizes humane and ethical practices, as we advocate for all living things without a voice, we strive to relocate them humanely and rehabilitate their curiosities.

The Mosquito Militia & Mid Sota Wildlife Ops owner

Board-Certified Entomologist

We take pride in our consistent recognition by industry peers and our community. Our accolades include being a BBB A+ Accredited Business, a HomeAdvisor Top Rated, Elite Service Winner, and securing numerous accolades in 2023 such as Angie’s List Top Company, Best Full Service Pest Control North of the Metro by Expertise.com, and Technician of the Year, among others. These testimonials stand testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Beyond our services, we also believe in fostering transparent and efficient communication with our clientele. We’ve integrated convenient payment options like CashApp, Venmo and online invoicing to ensure a seamless experience. For those seeking specialized services, such as bat inspections, can be done for a nominal fee.


In essence, choosing The Mosquito Militia® | Mid-Sota Wildlife Ops.® isn’t just about pest and wildlife control; it’s about embracing a holistic approach that amalgamates expertise, value, and ethical practices. As your local certified organic option, we stand poised to address your concerns with efficacy and empathy. Call us today for a free estimate and let us be your shield against the pesky invaders.

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Your Trusted Pest Control Operative

Our Veteran Specialists

Led by Jared, our team boasts dedicated veterans from various military branches. Each member, from Kelly in financial affairs to Brian’s co-ownership, plays a pivotal role, uniting under one vision: ethical, humane, and superb pest & wildlife control.

  • Jared, Proprietor of The Mosquito Militia® | Mid-Sota Wildlife Ops.®, 2x Army Combat Veteran
  • Kelly, Director of Legal and Financial Affairs, Retired Captain, US Navy JAG Corps Combat Veteran
  • Reesie Rae, Specialist in Client Relations, US Navy Veteran
  • Molly, Head of Administrative Services, US Air Force Veteran
  • Brian, Joint Owner of Mid-Sota Wildlife Ops.®, Marine Combat Veteran
  • Whitney, Chief of Marketing, US Air Force Combat Veteran
  • Chase, Manager of Services, Army Combat Veteran
  • Billy, Chief Applicator and Manager of Application, Marine Combat Veteran
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